CBD Farmacy - In Da' Couch (2.5mg THC-p Gummies)

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Introducing CBD Farmacy's In Da' Couch Gummies, containing 2.5mg of the latest cannabinoid to join the family. THCP has 33x greater affinity for cannabinoid receptors than traditional THC, THCP is a powerhouse for potential relief and wellbeing. These gummies are known to have a strong and sedating effect for users, targeting pain and insomnia. 

Each Gummy Contains; 2.5mg THCp + 10mg CBD 

Available Quantities; Sample Pack (2 Gummies), 10 Gummies 

These gummies are POTENT! Each Gummy contains 2.5mg THCP and 10mg CBD. That may sound like a very low dose to experienced users be we assure you it is not. 2.5mg of THC-p has been reported to feel comparable to 15mg Delta-9 THC or 30mg Delta-8 THC. That being said the effects tend anywhere from 4-8 hours where other cannabinoids effects tend to subside after 4 hours. Take it slow and enjoy the Journey! :)

Recommended Dosage;

We recommend starting with 1/4 of a gummy, wait 1-2 hours before taking any more.